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Samantha Fox and Sabrina Salerno in concert on 7th March

Another great chance for Samantha Fox and Sabrina Salerno fans to see their idols performing together is set on 7th March at the Mad Club in Lausanne (Switzerland).
More info to come on the Mad Club website.
This article is taken from the winter edition of the Mad Magazine.
Many thanks to Fabien for the news.


Pictures from Bulgaria

Pictures from the private show in Sofia (Bulgaria) with Sabrina Salerno on 22nd January have been collected in a new photogallery.


Step back in time: "I Only Wanna Be With You" enters UK chart

On 28th January 1989, the fourth single off the "I Wanna Have Some Fun" album entered the UK chart.
"I Only Wanna Be With You" peaked at #16 and remained in the chart for 8 weeks.
Among the standard CD single, 7" and 12" release, the single was also pressed in a stunning limited edition fold-out flower sleeve, vinyl 12" picture disc, CD single in tin box and cassette single.
The most sought-after version of the song was the "Extended Version" which was only available on the CD single made in Holland (it was later published on the 2012 deluxe edition of the IWHSF album).
See all the different releases of this hit single on the Foxy Discography website.


Pictures from the Nordic Choice Hotels event in Sweden

Samantha Fox performed in Sweden on 20th January for the Nordic Choice Hotels event.
See some onstage and backstage pictures from that night in this new photo gallery.


Russian TV interview

This nice Russian TV interview has just surfaced on the net.
Here is for you to enjoy.


Retro FM radio interview transcript

Here is the transcript of the interview that Sam gave to Retro FM last month, translated from the original page in Russian (with Google Translator).

Samantha Fox - participant super show "Legends of Retro FM", star of the world of pop music , singer, actress , model.
QUOTES:"I have told many people about the "Legends of Retro FM"
, an absolutely amazing atmosphere and how the audience singing along to all my favorite songs . ""I am interested in all music. I just love the music as such. And it's good ! ""Of course, all artists sometimes forget the lyrics , so good when present at the concert of your fans - if you forget the words , then you can simply turn the microphone toward them , and they all sing . "
PS : Good morning! Getting closer and closer "red" Saturday December 14th ! On this day in Moscow in the "Olympic " will be the long-awaited super show "Legends of Retro FM» and the whole hour to our questions will respond to its star - Samantha Fox!
SF: Smack ! Smack !
PS : we have not seen for three years . What do you remember the festival "Legends of Retro FM - 2010" ? You were telling someone about our super show ?
SF: Yes, I have a lot of people told me about it , about the absolutely amazing atmosphere , how the audience singing along to all your favorite songs. I'm sure all of them have left a lot of pleasant experiences. Particularly pleased that there were so many young people, loving this music. This is great!
PS : What is interesting happened with you for three years ?
SF: It's been a very busy three years. I gave concerts in different countries, recorded new material for the album , which will be already the tenth, working on my autobiography, which covers my thirty years in show business . I just finished shooting the film and start shooting in the television sitcom and tightly engaged in charitable activities worldwide.
PS : Retro FM - the best music 70s , 80s , and 90s . We can say that our country has grown on the songs that play on our radio station . And what music she grew Samantha Fox?
SF: My mom and dad were very different musical tastes . Father loved Pink Floyd, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, and my mother listened to disco dance music - Donna Summer , Dayyanu Ross . That's why my musical tastes are varied . I wonder all the music. I just love the music as such. And it's good !
PS : And what do you remember the 70s , 80s , 90s ?
SF: From the 70s I loved musicians such as The Osmonds, Debbie Hari. In the 80s I liked Fleetwood Mac, Eurythmics, Prince. And in the 90s I listened to Oasis. They are all related to me with pleasant memories . Music in general is very helpful man!
PS : Yes , and we build and live song helps! In 1986, you have successfully developed modeling career . What made you sing or what? You yourself say that? Maybe friends , producers pushed ?
SF: I actually did not take the decision to become a singer. I began singing at the age of five in school. Teachers say that I have a good voice . But I never learned to play an instrument , and engaged only vocals. Then I took the second place in a beauty contest and signed a modeling contract . Three years , I am pleased to do this, then the record company sent me a song «Touchme» and the song became a hit, the international launch a successful career.
PS : Samantha, but you remember your first musical performance on stage? Were you worried ? Text is not forgotten?
SF: Yes, of course I was very nervous because it was my first gig . I do remember that not forgot the words because I rehearsed for months . It was my first time! Performance took place in a large London club called "Hippodrome" . I then supported the group Proof, it was very popular in the 80s . I think I'm more nervous because it was my family . Of course, all artists sometimes forget the lyrics , so good when present at the concert of your fans - if you forget the words , then you can simply turn the microphone toward them , and they all sing . Of course, I was so . We are all humans .
PS : I know, I tested this trick in store . I want to ask about your modeling career . What the reader does not see ? For example, how long it takes makeup before the photoshoot ? How long are shooting ?
SF: You have to understand that the model takes a lot of time taking pictures . It's heavy and hard work . Usually about two hours spent on makeup, hair and costume preparation . To shoot for the magazine can take anywhere from one day to a week - everything depends on shooting.
PS : The last time you took off as a model for the magazine «Playboy» in 1996. Do you have this magazine ? And other magazines and posters with his photo store ?
SF: Yes, I keep everything from the beginning of his career , with the 1983 year , as I am very proud of my accomplishments . When I'm an old and turn gray , I would be very nice to remember everything I did.
PS : What's harder - to be a model or a singer?
SF: It's completely different classes . Must try to perform well and that , and another job. This gives you more options . Then when you get older , you get a chance to try yourself in the literature his or producing . A model age can be very short .
PS : Sadness has rolled ! Nearing the end of our conversation with a participant of our super show "Legends of Retro FM». Today our guest is Samantha Fox! And tell us , please , what country you most like to play ?
SF: As for me , I love to speak in Russian . In general, I love to discover new countries and new cultures.


Rare TV performance of "I Surrender"

A rare TV performance of "I Surrender" on has just surfaced on the net.
Here it is for you all to enjoy.


Prague show cancelled

From Sam's Facebook:
"It is with great regret that we announce this show has been cancelled. The Promoter, Ladislav Zeithaml of Your Productions of The Czech Republic has failed to communicate with us for weeks nor pay any of the deposits required for the venue etc.
People who purchased tickets should contact Tickstream.cz for a full refund.
We hope that Samantha will return to Prague for a performance soon but this will obviously be with a different promoter.
Fox 2000